Acne Control - Feedback From Our Users

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  "I have had terrible acne break outs along with blackheads when I was under a lot of stress. My dermatologist gave me a prescription cream that made my skin feel raw and red. Acne Terminator doesn't do that. The cream is calming to the skin and soothes the swelling. After a couple of days of using Acne Terminator my skin completely cleared."
- Ginny Shaw, Honolulu, Hawaii
  "Although I do not have acne anymore, my skin is very prone to several breakouts. I started using Derma Clay every night as a face cream, not realizing its intended use was for a “spot treatment.” After the first night, my face started to clear up and after the first week it was almost completely clear. Now, after a month of use I realized I only had ONE major zit in the past four weeks rather than several in that period of time! The major bonus: it has a pleasant smell than other acne creams, and I can trust Zion Health for using only natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals. Try it! You’ll love it!"
- Dana A., San Jose, CA.
  "My acne was really bad. It was mainly around my mouth, and on my forehead. This was really embarrassing! I tried Clearasil and ProActive. I think they both use the same ingredients? Whatever it was, it made my skin look much worse! My face was bright red and itchy! I tried Acne Terminator and my skin was completely clear in just a few days without any redness. I will never try anything else!"
- Salina, Jacksonville Mississippi
  "I have been using pro active for many years. It worked well for awhile, but now my skin is immune to it. My skin started breaking out again everywhere! My face and neck were covered with pimples! I bought acne terminator at a Health Fair. It cleared up my skin in a couple of days. Now I apply it on my face once every couple of weeks to stop my acne from coming back."
- Marcelina Johnson, Springfield Missouri
  "I don’t know how all these actors tell us that ProActive cleared their skin. It doesn’t do anything for my acne. I rubbed acne terminator all over my face, and my skin cleared up the following day! I realized that I didn’t need to use so much. Now I put a little bit on my face once a week just to make sure my skin always stays acne free."
- Lea Shultz, Tel Aviv
“I’m over forty. I haven’t had acne since I was a teenager. I thought I was over that stage, but I was wrong. My acne returned and nothing I used could stop it! I had regular facials and bought expensive treatments from an Esthetician. The only product, however, that really helped me was Acne Terminator. It works really fast! This product is hard to find. It’s not available in most stores. I’m so glad I found this website. I was using the sample sizes a friend gave me and had run out!”
- Jessica Hansen, Miami Florida

“I’m a DJ. I don’t have a bad problem with acne, but once in awhile I will have an acne attack! I mainly work at night, so it’s not as noticeable, but going out during the day can be embarrassing. It’s harder for us guys because most of us don’t wear make up. I tried the Acne Terminator and my skin cleared up the next day. I keep a tube of it when I travel so my skin always looks good.”
- Johnny, San Jose, California