Acne Prevention - Derma Clay

Preventing Adult Acne

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derma clay, hair care Use shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil, or Clay. Shampoo your scalp daily! Make sure you don’t just shampoo your hair. Most people wash their hair but forget about the scalp! Apply drops of Shampoo to different areas of your scalp, rub it in and make sure your entire scalp is well cleansed.
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 body acne treatmentsExercise that makes you sweat allows your body to detoxify itself. Try to stay away from antiperspirants. Sweating is a natural body process that not only regulates body temperature but also releases bacteria.
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 organic fruit dietAvoid oily, fried foods. Load up on fresh fruits and veggies! A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help clear the skin and keep the body functioning at its best!
 acne treatments
 body acne treatmentsUse a Clay Mask daily for ACNE PREVENTION, (Not Acne Removal)! Apply a thin layer and leave on at night! Rinse it off in the morning. This will prevent Acne Return. This is only after you have used ACNE TERMINATOR to clear your skin. Clay Pulls toxins to the surface of the skin, so you if you are in a severe acne stage, your skin will appear worse for the first few days when using a clay mask. Wait until your acne is cleared up, then you can start using a clay mask as an acne preventative.
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Avoid Make up and Sunscreen with an oily base.
Clinque Matte Pressed Powder covers acne better than any other product out there. Don't use Liquid foundation. This clogs your pores making your skin break outs much worse.
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organic cosmetics, hair careIf you use hair care products containing an oily residue, (petrolatum being the most popular), you are almost guaranteed to have acne. Stay away from oily hair styling products. The oily residue that touches your skin on your face or your back will clog your pores intensifying acne production.
organic cosmetics, hair care
organic cosmeticsHats hold in heat on your head and in your body, causing your head to sweat more than usual. This may double acne build up. Try not to wear hats if you have severe acne.